Brindle Falls Border Ranges help please


I am going to walk the Brindle Creek Falls walk and I am bit confused… on ABW its a 12km 6 hour walk which goes from one Brindle Creek Picnic Area to Antarctic Beech Picnic Area…

But on other sites they have two walks for this track one just goes as far as Selva Falls from Brindle Creek Picnic Area and turns back making the return trip only about 7km. Both trails don’t even go to Swanson Falls…

We dont want to 12km and wondering for those that know, if you were to keep going after Selva Falls to the Antarctic Beech Picnic Area and then turn around again, is there much to see except more rainforest and creek?

Because it seems the Selva Falls is the highlight so to make it a nice shorter walk seems just going as far as Selva and back is the way to go? And in fact it looks like its much closer to access Selva from the Antarctic Beech Picnic Area making the walk even shorter?

Or what about if you did walk the one way between Picnic Areas and then walk back to your starting point via the road? That should make it a lot more quicker?

Appreciate any guidance looks like not many people have done this walk so not a lot of info on it… ta

This is basically a one way walk. I haven’t done it for years but from memory you can either park at brindle creek and walk through to the Antarctic beech area and go back again but this is the 12 km. If you drive around to the Antarctic area it is a shorter walk to the falls and back. It’s a pretty walk. You can park at brindle creek and then walk back down the road. This is much quicker and you can enjoy seeing the red belly black snakes in the sunny spots on the side of the road. :joy:

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Thanks a lot! It looks like if you go to Selva Falls from Antarctic Beech Picnic Area return then you’ve got a walk back up the hill on the way back.

But then you want see Evans Falls so if you do the walk to Selva from Brindle Creek Picnic Area and return then this might be just about the same time as its all flat…

No one seems to mention going to Swanson falls it must not be worth it… At this stage going on how much time we’ve got I will either do Brindle Creek Picnic area to Selva falls return or go one way from Antarctic Beech picnic area to Brindle Creek Picnic Area and walk back via road… a little bit uphill but better than doing the reverse and walking uphill via the bush :slight_smile:

Was kind of hoping being winter wasn’t going to come across any red bellies haha! Just walked Mt Greville last Sunday and no hint of any snakes there :slight_smile:

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To answer a few questions:

From what it sounds for you the walk is best done from Brindle Creek picnic area to Selva falls and return.
There is 250m of elevation gain from Selva falls to Antarctic beech.

Swanson falls is now rarely visited as the track is all but lost to the rainforest. I visited it late last year, and while worth it for myself, my hiking partner hated me for dragging him through the thick untracked rainforest!

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