What am I working on?

Found yet another one to ‘delete’; ‘Verulii’, which is in as a sub-region of Brisbane City Council Local walks, but has no actual walks.

Thanks Paul. I’ve removed all of those.

I haven’t updated this thread for awhile so I might mention a few of the changes. The biggest thing is of course the wishlist which I’ve mentioned many places. Since then I’ve been trying to knock off some smaller tasks:

  • Started prompting people after they tick a walk to either edit the walk or add photos. This should hopefully encourage people to join in with improving the site.
  • Fixed up how walks appear when shared in Facebook so they now include a photo
  • Fixed up rotating of photos (mentioned in the photo rotation thread)
  • Fixed a bug in how the little static maps are displayed on walk pages that was affecting some walks
  • Added a list of nearby walks to each walk’s page

I’ve also been doing some tidying up of data for various walks, in particular Mt Barney, and added some walks down in Victoria.

I’ll keep working on little tasks for the moment and update here if I start working on a bigger piece of functionality.

Hi Richard;

I’d just like to say you’re doing a great job with this site, I use it almost every time I got hiking or look for new hikes. I’m going to try be a little active on here and get some new photos up and going.
Thanks again for creating this and updating it when ever you can.

Just a quick idea. Could you make it easier to access regions. I’m from the Gold Coast and am looking for walks a bit further away like the sunshine coast and would rather them in a list then searching for them on the map. If I search sunshine coast, it comes up with tracks with similar names (as expected) however for me to access the region I need to click “Walks”–>“Walks without locations…”(Banner)–>Queensland(found on the left side sub region)-> then “Sunshine coast”.
The region idea is great, but if it’s so hidden (or am I missing a button and it’s actually easier to find) I feel like it would get underutilized.


Thanks @Maverick.

I’ll have a think about how I can make the regions easier to find. I’ve generally concentrated on the map and search recently so I’ll see what I can come up with the make regions more prominant.

Walks with no map co-ordinates.
Came across this quite by accident. Yesterday I found and walked, what I thought was a new walk for Aussie Bushwalking at Cooloolabin Dam, as non existed on the ‘walks search map’. When I Googled Cooloolabin Dam this morning to get hold of a map from SEQWater, up pops an AussieBushwalking walk!
Turn out the walk had been loaded back in maybe 2017, but without any co-ordinates, which I have now loaded. This got me thinking how many other ‘invisible’ walks are out there without co-ordinates and therefor don’t appear on the ‘walks map’ search?
Richard, is there any way you can run a search to find out? If you were then able to provide me with a list, I would be more than happy to go through and try and load them correctly.

You can find all the walks that don’t appear on the map here: https://www.aussiebushwalking.com/world?misplaced=true There’s also a link to this at the top of the map page.

If you find any duplicates let me know and I can merge them together.

Thanks Richard. 47 for me to look at! Might take awhile, as most I have never heard of and will take some researching and cross-referencing.

Hopefully it’ll give you some new ideas :slight_smile:

Hey Richard, this has so far been a great fun exercise. I have been all over the country and even NZ to research and find some of these walks. So far non have beaten me and I have cleared up about 20.
There are a couple I need you to sort:

  1. ‘Dianne Robbins’ is a person not a walk! Needs to be deleted.
  2. ‘Grace du Prie’ is a person not a walk! Now she did actually do a walk, as she posted a photo. Can’t identify the location of the photo, but it looks like it could be Girraween NP. Maybe put the photo on your weekly post and see who can identify it. You may then be able to post her comment to the correct place and delete the original?
  3. ‘Silva Campground Track’ has been hijacked by a ‘lady’ called Laura offering services!!! Silva Campground is in the U.S. but the description is Broadwater to Wilga Bush Camp Track, near Dalby (where I have put it). It duplicates that walk and should be deleted?
  4. Fernvale to Lowood - Part of BVRT has been corrected, but duplicates Fernvale - Lowood Rail Trail. Please can you merge them. Thanks.

Fantastic work @F_A_B_Ferguson_Adven! I’ve fixed all of those up. I’m confident that photo in ‘Grace du Prie’ is from the top of the first Pyramid at Girraween so I moved it into a comment on that walk.

Thanks Richard. The Pyramid was where I thought it was as well. Looks like Grace subsequently correctly posted this one, as we now have here comments twice, once on 13/10/15 and again on 15/12/15.
Am sure I will have a few more mergers and deletes before I finish.

Ahh, I should’ve checked that. I’ve removed the extra tick that I added erroneously.

More work for you Richard, sorry. Well I have now been around the rest of QLD, Tassi and Victoria and have cleared all but three walks, all of which I think you should delete.

  1. Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane 2019, is advertising, but could have been a walk if they had bothered to provide more details. Suggest you delete.
  2. SamiraBrisbane is a person not a walk and needs to be deleted.
  3. TED is a person making comments about other walker’s habits and not really appropriate, so suggest it is deleted.

That would bring a close to the 47 walks that had no map co-ordinates. Interesting that in a couple of cases a GPS track had been loaded, yet the co-ordinates not used! Also got the hang of merging walks, so that helped the process. I will keep an eye out for any other walks that end up in this pot.

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Thanks @F_A_B_Ferguson_Adven. It took me a while but I’ve deleted those three now.

I then checked and there was one new walk without a location added since you did all this work but it was a duplicate so I’ve merged that and we now have 0 walks without locations! The map page no longer has that little banner saying some walks aren’t displayed here! I wonder how long it will last :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work @F_A_B_Ferguson_Adven

Thought it was time for another update. I’ve been pushing lots of little fixes and things behind the scenes to help me manage the site better.

Current project is an overhall of the map. Plan is that as you zoom in the map will start showing the actual tracks for walks that have that info. It should also load quicker.

If you have any ideas of things you’d really like on the map then let me know and I might be able to include them.

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Richard, looks like we have a small hick-up with the loading of GPS Tracks. Done a few lately, but they are not coming up. Examples are Dingo Ridge and Kathleen Springs and there could be more, but would need to backtrack to find them.

Thanks Paul. I can see the issue in my logs but it’ll take me a bit to fix up. Once I get it fixed it’ll update all the walks that haven’t updated.

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@F_A_B_Ferguson_Adven Those GPS tracks should be loading properly now and the bug has been fixed so future ones should be processed within about 30 minutes of you loading them.

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Thanks Richard, all looking good now.