What is your favourite walk?

I am always looking for great new hikes in SEQ. Over the last few years I have done Tibrogargan, Warning, Beerwah, Wilsons Peak, Mt Edwards, Greville, Maroon, Barney, Supurbus, Roberts and Cordeaux, some of them several times plus many walks around Binna Burra and Springbrook, including Warrie Circuit and Coomera Gorge. The last two on this list are a couple of my favourites, particularly after rain when there is plenty of water going over the falls, but would love to hear yours, especially ones that are not listed here.


Hey I like all the ones that you have listed- I have done some of them multiple times- maybe one you haven’t tried is Mt Cooroora but it’s a fair way north of the rest and only about 3 hours up and back. Very steep in parts. I think Maroon is my favourite- it’s better than Barney because it’s that much shorter and you get to look at Barney! I’m told that there once was a track between the Antarctic Beech area, Border Ranges National Park ( used to be called Wiangaree State forest - and was better run then lol) and Lamington. Would be great.

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I was going to say the same - Maroon is my favourite. Such much bang for your buck!

Gins Lips Falls was another favourite. Beautiful little waterfall with easy access but unfortunately the track has been closed.

The Toolona Creek Circuit at O’Reilly’s is lovely. So many beautiful falls, plus the view off the escarpment at the end. It doesn’t hurt that I got engaged at Elabana Falls so it’s extra special. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your input Smarty, you are right, I haven’t tried Mt Cooroora so will definitely have a look at it.
The only downside of shorter walks is that I begrudge spending more time driving to and from them than actually doing them. Mt Maroon is one of my favourites too but have done is several times and always looking for a new challenge, and because I am now 70, I am trying to do as many of the harder walks while I still can and save the easier ones for later, or keep them for the summer months.
Thanks again for your contribution, I will let you know when I do the walk you have suggested.

I have never heard of Gins Lips Falls, so another one to look at, thanks Richard. Elabana Falls is really beautiful and one that I haven’t done for quite a while but will wait until we have had some rain before I do it and Warrie Circuit again. Thinking about Mt Lindsay in the near future just because it is such a prominent feature and I haven’t done it before. Although it is not in SEQ, I would also include The Three Capes Walk in Tassie on my to do list for next year.