2WD for Conondale Great Walk

Hi all
Have read on this site that to drive as close as possible to walk I would need a 4x4. But I only have a low clearance 2WD car. Could someone tell me best place to drive to. I will be driving from Brisbane. As I don’t want to risk being trapped in there by driving though water so don’t want to do creek crossings. I plan to go some time next week as it looks like its going to be raining most of this week.
Did see post by Andy about walking from Charlie Moreland Day Use Area is this best option?

Thank you in advance.

Paul hi.
There is no way that you will be able to drive into the Booloumba Creek Day Use Area in anything other than a 4x4, as the creek crossing is not a causeway but riverbed pebble, rubble and boulders; plus the steep gravel entry and exit points. You can leave your vehicle the near side of the creek, get your feet wet and walk the 1/2km to the Day Use Area to start the walk!
As you suggested, the best option is to go into Charlie Moreland Campground and take the walking track up to Mt Allan, continue down the far side, where it then cuts the Conondale Range Great Walk. To complete that walk is 56km return and takes 3/4 days.

Thank you for Reply Ferguson. Looks like I’ll be doing the longer walk from the other area unless someone comes up with different idea as I am not keen to park right next to gravel road and possibly block traffic. Looking forward to getting out in nature but wish it was NZ as I’m not fan of all the deadly things Australia has :smile:.

Hi Paul,
I agree you cant get through the 3 creek crossings in a sedan. I hiked the first leg of the 4 day hike a month ago and mentioned to the rangers that some hikers had said it was possible and he laughed. Its not. I dont know about the alternate route you are talking of but when I did it I got there at about 8am and was the first car there. There is a cattle grid and a fence 50 yards or so before the first crossing and you can park quite comfortably on the right hand side off the road. It took me 20 minutes or so to walk from there to the start of the hike but its quite a nice walk. I saw 7 or 8 people on the hike heading out to camp and when I got back to the car there was a number of vehicles parked near me but none were blocking the road, so its not an issue. Hope you enjoy the hike. Booloomba falls is a lovely spot for lunch.

Thanks for reply Freeranger. Well now that you’ve told me there’s okay parking on road heading towards day area I’ll check it out be for going with plan b of needing to do extra walk just to do main walk. Going to see if I can book camp sites tonight for when I want to go. If I can’t then I’ll just need to delay when I go. Yeah I’ve seen plenty of cars in NZ try to go to areas only a 4x4 should go.