AAWT Thru-hike in Autumn

Hi collective brains trust.

I am at the beginning of planning my AAWT Thru-Hike in Mid march next year. I was wondering if anybody could save me research time and direct me to any blogs, websites, social media sites etc that have useful research information about this hike. (I have ordered John Chapmans Book) Things of interest at this point is lowest temps that were experienced, sleeping bag ratings used and if they we adequate. Which tent was used etc etc. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, and keep on keepin’ on! Jason

Australian Alps Walking Track on fb groups is a good source of info.
I did the AAWT very last minute this year in Feb with only 4 days preparation - I solely used John Chapman’s guide, and found it very detailed and accurate.
Enjoy - it’s a fabulous walk!

Thanks, Yes I’m eagerly waiting the arrival of Johns book. I’ll search FB for pages, thanks for the suggestion. Doing it with 4 days prep, kudo’s to you. One benefit of this… your not constantly absorbed by the upcoming trip for months on end :slight_smile: