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Hi, I’m trying to find a section for suggestions for features for the site.

I would really like the ability to tag a walk that I would like to do in the future, if it went into a list that would be great. A lot like the ticket list but for walks I want to do.


Hi Sam,

The best place for feature requests is the UserVoice site at https://abw.uservoice.com/forums/122631-general but here is entirely fine too.

You’ve hit on a common request - in fact it has equal top votes on uservoice at the moment so if you go vote for it there you can push it to the top :slight_smile: (https://abw.uservoice.com/forums/122631-general/suggestions/18521686-provide-bucket-list-for-storing-walks-you-d-like) I don’t always do the very top feature request but I generally choose one high on the list.

I’ve just finished off the big search feature so I’m probably going to knock off a few little improvements and then I’ll probably do the wish list as the next major improvement. Be aware though that I’m a one-man band so big improvements take longer for me to finish than I wish they did.

Wonderful dude, if you get around to it that would be great but the site is fantastic non the less!