Adding and editting a new 'region

Hi Richard.
I went in today to add a ‘region’, which I don’t think I have done before.
Firstly it was difficult to find where to do this, as it was in ‘articles’.
Then when I input 'D’Aguilar National Park, it then prefixed the entry with 6#39 or something like that, although when I loaded a new walk, it seems to read o.k.
I then could not find a way of editing the region. When I first input the title, it looked like I could put in a whole lot of more detail on the place.

Please can you remove the prefix and let me know what I did wrong and how to do ‘edits’ in the future.


Hi Paul,

First of all, thanks for continuing to add to the site :slight_smile: The Add Region should be available on any of the region pages - e.g. if you go to the QLD page (Queensland - Aussie Bushwalking) there’s a link in the menu there which will let you add a region as a “child” of QLD. To add them at the top level you have to go to the “world” page which is at Bushwalking Tracks of the World - Aussie Bushwalking or the articles page which you found. I’ll have a think about how I can make that all a bit easier to find.

Generally I think most new regions should go as a child of one of the existing top level region (which are generally the states). There’s a few there which I plan on moving… except I removed the option to move them when I redesigned the site :slight_smile: I’ve almost got it back so I’ll move your new D’Aguilar region once I have that fixed. However… there is a “Brisbane Forest Park” region already (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park - Aussie Bushwalking) so perhaps we should make it a child of that one. There’s something similar for Lamington where there’s the Lamington NP region with two children - Binna Burra and Green Mountains. I’m not too bothered by all of this. I think get the walks in there and over time we keep trying to make things clearer.

You can edit a region from its page. If you go to D'Aguilar National Park - Aussie Bushwalking there’s an “Edit this region” option in the menu.


And finally, the #39; thing is a bug. I’ll fix that up.

I’ve fixed up the bug so you shouldn’t see #39; anymore.

Thanks Richard.
I am just about to leave on a road trip to Longreach, so will have a look through the option you have provided when I get back.

Richard, I found a problem!
I have been sitting in the A/C going back over some of my older walks and adding additional info and making corrections; hence a lot of ‘edits’ of late.
I found that Conondale National Park has been put in as a sub-region of Kondalilla National Park, which makes no sense to me.
Please can you move Conondale National Park out to be a region in its own right. Could not find a way to do it myself. Thanks.

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Thanks Paul. I’ve moved it up so it’s a child of Queensland now. I had a quick look and I have that feature locked away for some reason… not sure why I did that. I’ll get that fixed up as well so you can update the parent when editing a region.

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If you want to get a little further north, then there are two I know about on the Sunshine Coast.

  1. Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk 58km over 4 days. I have done section of this, but not the entire walk in one.

  2. Cooloola Wilderness Trail 52km over 2 days ( suspect that 3 days is more accurate). Again only done section. The last time I was up there (3 months ago) it was closed, so double check first.