Are the Orchids in bloom on Bare Rock Mountain walk

Hi I have a strange question…walked to bare rock about a month ago and noticed a lot of orchid plants…want to go back when they are in bloom and noticed all the ones at home are flowering…any chance you can tell me if they are also blooming up the mountain?? thanks


Hey there, I did a walk up that way around this time last year and there was heaps in bloom. I will be going again in a couple of weeks when I get home from work. I’ll definitely follow this post and update if you haven’t been back already.


I will be following this post with interest as I would love to visit again when the orchids are flowering, not only at Bare Rock but also on Wilsons Peak, where I think there are even more orchids and more varieties, they would make an awesome sight.

I went back on the 31sy Aug and the spear lilies were flowering but the Orchids were only just starting to bud…

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