Brisbane topo/walking map

Just wondering if anyone knows it’s possible to purchase maps of Brisbane Forest Park/D’Aguilar NP area that show all the walking/forest trails/ranger trails?

I’d prefer to have the actual map rather than just a print out from google or the QTOPO site! I’ve got a really old topographic map but it doesn’t show the paths through the forest.

Getting hold of good maps does not come cheap!

Have a look at these websites:

What is available varies between them printing maps off for you to existing publications.

Hope this helps.

There’s an app called View Ranger which is pretty good with showing trails.

I’ve downloaded the View Ranger app and plan to trial it next time out. However, it looks like unless you pay for ‘map overlays’ all you get it a very basic version. The maps Richard uses on this website are better!

I also use the Australia Topo Maps app, which works great and a simple/mini version of my very expensive handheld GPS. You log your waypoints and tracks and can still download them onto your laptop and then AussieBushwalking. In fact I has dumped the handheld for the phone app!

The maps on the site actually come from OpenStreetMap data via MapBox ( I think there are some projects which convert OpenStreetMap data into formats for GPS or for nicer printed maps but I haven’t looked closely at them.

As far as physical maps - I’ve always gone to World Wide Maps( They used to have a physical shop in the city but it looks like they’re online only now. That’s a shame - I used to love browsing there.