Calories required

hi all … question standard …how long is a piece of string ( answer later ) … calculating calories /Kj’s required for a 14 day backpack , no food drops … hence weight concerns … do my own dehydration and sealing … I have been to no less than 8 Info sites with the same inputs every one has a different answer. The answers have me carrying dehydrated food weight ranging from 6.3 Kg,s to a whopping 14 Kg’s ! ( 5 Calories per Gram ). I used inputs of my dressed weight 112 Kg’s – packweight ( no food ) 15 Kg’s … Distance total 130 Klm’s … done a few 4/5 day trips at 30/40 Klms … just relied on BC dehydrated ( bloody expensive at 4 cents per Calorie ) any thoughts or trusted sites … a piece of string is twice as long as the distance from the middle to the end ---- thanks all Ted Hunter