Central Mount Stuart

I want to climb Central Mount Stuart, 215 K north of Alice Springs. Have the topo map and would like to contact anyone who has done it, to talk logistics, route etc. Michael S

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Have you gone ahead with the walk?
I climbed CMS in 1966 (yeah - long time ago!) and tried again in 2009 but ended up in the wrong place.
Set out to do it yet again in 2014 but was deterred by the thickened scrub - decided it was not the best thing to do alone and gave up.
I uploaded some pics to bonzle.com

Could offer a couple of comments about how I would approach it if I wanted to try again.

Dale Sedgman

Hi Dale, I want to climb this mountain in two weeks, can you give me any advice? I live in Tennant Creek. I can’t see Where to acces the mountain from the highway. I am assuming it is accessed via wilowra road?