Completed / ticked walks dissapearing

Hey there, I originally saw that if I had ticked a walk then it would show a tick on that pin on the maps page. The last couple of weeks I have noticed that instead of the tick, the pin has been removed from the maps page altogether and if I want to view that walk, I have to either remember the name of it and search for it, or log out and look at the maps as a non-member.
Is there any way to change this back so I can still see the pin on the map, but it just shows a tick?
Cheers, Scruffy

Hi Scruffy,

I think you may have adjusted the settings on the map to only show unticked walks. There’s a little “Layers” button on the top-right corner of the map. If you hover over that, or click it you’ll get a pile of options on what to show on the map. The last of these options are the Ticked/Unticked options - make sure both of these are ticked and that should fix your problem.

Please let me know if that fixes it up.