Dog friendly walks Sunshine Coast/ Noosa Hinterland

Hi Guys,

I am looking for new bushwalking/ hiking trails, which are if possible a bit longer, where I can take my dogs with me. I love going in Forests and I would like to take them with me, of course on a leash. I just had a look at the Noosa trails, I know in some parts of it they are not allowed to come, but can they do one of them at all?
I just don’t wanna go all the time to the beach or walking on a road…

Thank you so much already.

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Hi @Vee. Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I can’t comment on any tracks personally, but you can search for dog friendly tracks on the website. This link will show you any tracks within 100km of Caloundra which are tagged ‘Dog friendly’. This won’t necessarily be all of them but should help you get started.

If you find any others make sure to either add them to the site, or if they’re already there just edit them and add the ‘Dog Friendly’ tag.

Enjoy the walking!

Hi, there are lots of walks around the local neighbourhood parks which are nearly always dog friendly. These sometimes go thru bushland. I’m with a group of walkers who, once a month, do a 5-10km walk. We try not to repeat walks. I use an app called Viewranger to check out potential walks. There are very few paths and tracks, both walking, hiking and cycling that it doesn’t have.
Eg. Along the Mooloolah River from beside the sewage treatment plant. Along Stumers Ck behind Coolum. Along Mountain Ck at Mountain Ck.

Thank you very much for the responses :slight_smile: We went already to explore the Maddock Dam, was great, thanks again :slight_smile:

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