Environments Icons

Currently we have four icons representing the various environments we find ourselves walking in.

I often find that these four do not cover where I am!

Can we add at lease one more?

I think there should be one for ‘Eucalypt Woodlands’.

Can do. I’m happy to add others as well if you have suggestions. Hardest part is finding good icons to represent them.

Thanks Richard. Looks to be the only one missing, when I did a bit of research and is often referred to as ‘Dry Eucalypt Forest’: that extensive area between the rainforests and the desert scrub.

If I come across anything else in my travels, I will let you know.

Hi Paul,

I’ve just added a Eucalypt Forest tag. Just let me know if you think of any others.

I’m loving all the walks you’re adding. I’m hoping to visit either the Warrumbungles or Mt Kapatur in a couple of months so I’ll be making good use of them.

Thanks Richard. Just used it for the first time, but will go back over some of the other walks we have done to add it in.

We spent one day travelling in (two days camping) and one day bushwalking in the Warrumbungles and Mt Kaputar. You can do all the walks at Mt Kaputar in a day, but the Warrumbungles deserves two/three full days. You then need to tick off Sawn Rock on your way in or out of Mt Kaputar.

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