Exploring off the track

Hey all,

I am wondering what the rules are for exploring off the track in Qld. I cant find anything that says you can or cannot leave the track to go and explore. Does anyone know? There may be different answers in State Forest vs National Park.

Thanks in advance


In the interest of the safety of both yourself and those that may have to rescue you, the serious bushwalker would never ‘explore off track’. Below is a link to QLD National Parks and the guidelines/rules that apply.

QLD Parks and Forests - Walk with Care

My main hobby is hunting. We chopper in remote places, explore freely and then walk out. No tracks, well prepared and capable.
In Qld you can’t do this so I am keen to arm myself with a camera amd do the same. I just can’t find the rules.
Thanks for the guide and your concern. I appreciate it.