Fraser Island Great walk. Drive to Dilli village


I’m thinking of doing the Fraser Island Great Walk soon. I have a Subaru Outback and I have done some beach driving with it before (Teewah Beach, Bribie Island). Is the track to the starting point of the great walk (Dilli Village) any harder? Thinking if I could take the barge from Rainbow Beach and drive to Dilli Village. Or is it better to just take the taxi service?


Did the K’Gari / Fraser Great Walk last year with the UQ mountain club so we used he taxi service but the drive itself to Dilli Village wasn’t anything unachievable by someone with beach driving experience and a 4wd. As long as the tides are right and you stick to the hardened sand you should be fine the only point we saw anyone have any difficulty was getting off the barge right at the beginning as there’s some churned up sand but if you get bogged there then there is plenty of people to help.

Without stating the obvious the great walk doesn’t end in the same place it starts so unless your hiking out and back or have someone who is driving to the end point to pick you up (which then they will encounter some additional driving challenges mostly just some rock outcrops on the beach which with patience, tide timing and common sense shouldn’t cause problems), then you may require a taxi anyway.