How do I mark a walk on the map?


I’ve added a walk previously and did encounter any issues but just now I’ve added a short walk and I don’t get the option the mark it on the map. What am i doing wrong?

The walk is Cooloolabin conservation park kiamba Rd Section.

Hi David,

Sorry you’re having trouble. Could you answer a couple of questions to help me try to find the issue?

What are you using to add the walk - a phone, tablet or desktop machine? and which browser? Did the map appear but you weren’t able to select a point or did it not appear at all?

Thanks, Richard

I’m using an iPad Air 2 via google. As far as the map appearing no nothing… zip… .step 5 is greyed out any only shows longitude and latitude. When I saved at point 4 of 5 and it goes straight back to the specific walk page I was adding… have also tried editing it and choosing “next” to skip to step 5… but same story… just takes me back to the page I want to edit

Thanks David. I’ll look into it and see if I can work out what’s going wrong.