How to add GPX files


I have a GPX of Battleship Spur tgat I would like to share, but I cannot work out how to add the GPX section to the page. Any tips?


Hi @Jono.

It seems that I have a bug so you can’t upload gpx from a phone if there aren’t already other gpx tracks for that walk - I’ll put that on the todo list.

From a larger screen (a tablet should be large enough, otherwise try a pc) there’s a link on the left for “Upload a GPS track”.

If you prefer you can email it through to me at and I’ll load it in for you. It’s been many, many years since I’ve been up Battleship Spur but hopefully one day I’ll get back there.

Thanks Richard, I will give it a go!

Thanks Richard, It worked a treat, I was trying to do it on mobile, I should have known!

My understanding is elevation profiles can then be taken from the GPX files? Is this a manual step or does it happen automatically?


Excellent, though you really should be able to do it from mobile too. I need to get that fixed.

It’ll do the elevation profile automatically, but there’s a delay because it gets processed in the background.