How to use the website - help?

I have registered for Aussie Bushwalking and have logged in and searched for Cooloola Great Walk. Clicked it - got the page. It has headings
Getting there
Route/Trail notes etc
but when i click on any of these, nothing happens.
Do I need some sort of further registration to access this information - namely Route/Trail Notes?

Appreciate some help.

Marge hi.
You have done nothing wrong and there is no extra level of registration required.
I believe that you opened Cooloola Great Walk (original inland route). Unfortunately the person that uploaded the walk provided no details on ‘Getting there’, ‘Maps’ or ‘Route Trail notes’. There is no ‘click’ to get additional information other than those provide, or in this case not provided!
This is a great wilderness to bushwalk and there are a number of different Cooloola Great Walks that provide more information that would help you.
Each walk is individual and we encourage walkers to ‘edit’ the walks with further information.
I hope this helps.

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