Info on central plateau Tassie

Hi Guys! Have never done this forum stuff before so bear with me.
Are about to start planning a trek in Tassie from about Dixon’s track near Meander Falls up to Higgs track , Ritters, across to the Walls of Jerusalem area and then on to Cradle, or something like that.
Looking at about 5 to 7 days.
Hoping someone has some info in that area, or a better plan to look around that area, time of year to do it etc etc.
Have been up Dixson a long time ago on a day hike and the landscape blew my mind.
Any info would be great.

I envy you Muzza, Tasmania is a fantastic place for walking. I walked up to Walls of Jerusalem a few years ago and and loved every step, a truly amazing place but haven’t done any multi day walks there so cant give you any advice. I plan on spending a couple of weeks there later in the year doing day walks up Cradle Mt. and anywhere else I can squeeze in.
Be sure to write a bit of a report after you return for the benefit of all who use this site.