Insane reaction to 100 leech bites! Please help!

27th of January, after hiking the Albert River section of Lamington National Park, Queensland, was bitten 100+ times by land leeches, profuse bleeding, mostly on knee areas where gaiters finished but some on neck, webs of fingers, back of thigh.
29th Jan go to beach and expose bites to salt water and sun for 2 hours.
30th Jan to 2nd of Feb, profuse redness and insane itching, but only on bitten areas
2nd Feb, take Telfast Forte, seems to cure redness and itching, bites faded
6th of Feb, cutting wood all afternoon with chainsaw in 30-35 degree heat
7th Feb heat rash like rash and lice like bumps and itching on buttocks in morning, chainsawing most of day temperature 30-35 degrees, almost heat exhausted
8th Feb wake up at 3am with profuse itching all over body, rash and lumps on buttocks, profuse over underwear line, red round rashes all over underside of arms, looks like Man o’ War welts without raised parts, rash on side of torso, itching all over not just on rash areas
9th , Feb wake up at 3am again with profuse rash all over body, take day off work and see doctor, given Panafcortelene 25mg and Allersooothe with seems to cure both inflammation and itching, blod test taken
10th Feb, at 3pm leeach bites all flare up again, itching and inflamed.

What the hell is going on?

My guess is the heat and exertion on 6th and 7th of Feb helped pump toxins from bites all around my skin??

I picked up a dozen leeches on the Coomera Circuit on Thursday, all on the neck, itched like crazy for a couple of days but nothing like you experienced. Maybe it was the heat if it hasn’t happened in the past.

How did your leech bites go. Was there a cause to the adverse effects? Or was it just due to the amount you got? I sufffer terribly from leech and tick bites. The area and bit can remain itchy for weeks