Instagram Page you 'own'

Richard, how about we have an Instagram page owned by you that we can post to and follow?

There is one called ‘aussiebushwalking’ but it is not ‘owned’, so unless you could grab that one somehow, you might have to use 'aussie_bushwalking.

Hmm, interesting idea. I limit my social media use just to keep myself sane (there’s only so much info I can take in each day) so I’m not particularly familiar with Instagram. Would it still be useful even if I’m not actively posting to the account?

Would it be good to have a trusted community member posting instead? Like yourself for example :slight_smile:

Ah Richard. This where you get off the hook work wise! And it costs nothing.

Instagram is for everyone else to post their bushwalking photos (it is I-phone photos only), not just you. Its self-maintaining. When you post a photo, you # what pages you want it to go on, plus add a physical location and a comment.

From my point of view, I ‘follow’ the page and get notified of posting. I can see all the photos posted in one place and if something looks really interesting I can research further and go walk/climb it.

People posting just need to be disciplined to post one photo (or a collage) and to give a description of where it is. I’ve followed a few outback/camping pages and there were some great photos, but I had no idea where they were.

When you post from your phone onto Instagram, it also asks you if you want to post to your own Facebook page. But you can’t post to Facebook and include Instagram.

I think you said you had a few contacts at Facebook? As Facebook now owns Instagram (paid $1b for it which was shared between the original 10 creators), maybe they can help out?

Well I finally got to it. Aussie Bushwalking is now on Instagram as bushwalkingaussie (had lots of trouble trying to get a username that would work).

Kicked it off with some photos of my “run” through Venman Bushland National Park yesterday. Lots of water and lots of trees over the tracks. Had to turn back many times to find another way through.

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Hi Richard. Am I right in thinking this has been set up as a ‘private’ Instagram account rather than a ‘public’?

Although I can ‘follow’ bushwalkingaussie, I can’t post my own photos to it. Looks like only you can do that?Tried using #bushwalkingassie last night and all it did was set up a separate Instagram ‘public’ page with the photos, but not on yours.

Is this what was intended, as I thought that it was for all of us to post great photos of our bushwalking adventures?

Hi Paul. The intention was definitely for you to be able to share to the Aussie Bushwalking instagram account. I’ve just had a look and it’s definitely not marked as private. I just went through linking it to the Facebook page and marking it as a business account so perhaps that will help?

Hi Richard, had another try this morning and still could not get a photo through to your page. Must be some magic box that needs to be ticked that allows public posts?

I still can’t find any other options that look likely. Are you trying with just @bushwalkingaussie to tag? I think I saw one of your attempts had #@bushwalkingaussie so perhaps the hash symbol confused it?

Either way - fantastic photos! Looks like a great trip.