Looking for tips on hiking D'Aguilar from Brisbane

Hi All!
I’m a new student at the University of Queensland from America, and I’m looking to do some hiking while I’m here. We’re looking at going out to D’Aguilar this weekend but wondering if anyone has any tips on getting out there (bus/train?) and which trails are good to start at for day hikes.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I don’t know much about D’Aguilar, but getting there by public transport is not really feasible. I think you can walk to the very south east corner of the park from the Gap park’n’ride bus stop, but that’s about it - you’d really need a car to get to the bulk of the park and that’s the case for all of the National Parks in SEQ (except for say, Mt Coolum).

If you’re stuck for transport I’d check out some of the local hiking groups on meetup.com - some of them car pool from various locations, or you might be able to sweet talk someone into giving you a ride to some of the hiking events.

Yeah. Public transport and walking don’t work particularly well in SE Qld unfortunately. Michael’s meetup.com suggestion is a good idea. I’d also check if there are any clubs at UQ that you could join and carpool with.

Bro, I’m at UQ and an avid hiker. You might want to jump in on a group some time…?