Making sense of Mt Barney


I’m trying to clean up the Mt Barney section of Aussie Bushwalking. It’s tough because there are 15 million routes up the mountain and people tend to pick and choose between them.

So for a start I’ve moved it into its own region “Mt Barney Summit” within the Mt Barney National Park region. I’m thinking perhaps adopting a naming structure to keep things clean:

Mt Barney - {Peak} - Up {ridge} - Down {ridge}
or if using the same ridge up and down just
Mt Barney - {Peak} - {ridge}

So we’d end up with names like
Mt Barney - East Peak - South Ridge
Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South

Any thoughts? Better suggestions?

I’ve also made sure every walk is marked as Very Hard and made a big warning about difficulty on the region page. Perhaps a standardised warning to go at the top of every Mt Barney walk since it’s notorious for underprepared hikers.