Merging duplicate walks

Hello, this is my first post/ question.
I walked the Jack Gordon Pathway in Redland Bay/ Brisbane/ SEQ and wanted to give it a tick. Searching “Redland Bay” and “Brisbane Council Local Walks”, I could not locate it. It did not show up as a nearby walk for my “Mount Cotton Summit Walk” either. I felt it was worth to add it, what I did.
Later I did browsed through the app, found the map with all the walk pins and zoomed in on Redland Bay. There was the exact walk already marked as “Sel Outridge Park Walk” and “SEQ”.
I could neither delete my newly posted walk or edit the existing walk. (At least I do not know how.)
Now there is the exact same walk listed under two different names.
This is only the latest observation. Similar ones I have made over the previous two years, especially as regards inconsistent region description and more than one walk descriptions for the same walk.
What can I do to rectify the situation (Jack Gordon Walk)?
I decided to contact the website host and came across the forum with lengthy discussions (aussie bushwalking and FAB and Maverick) that cover fairly identical my concerns/ suggestions for the website.
Is there anything I can do to adjust the mishap?
Are there website users (administers) who will take care of those mishaps in due time?
Is this just the “price” for having this open website where all users can post and add?
I find “aussiebushwalking” very helpful to discover new walks and to locate the trailheads.
Your happy user Wanderlust

Wanderlust hi.
The problem is, and I have seen this with numerous walks that you have added, is that you do not include the Map co-ordinates (Location Lat.Long) in step 5 of adding a new walk. Without them, the walk will never appear on the walks map and that is the case with Jack Gordon Pathway and there is another that might also be yours Burleigh Ridge. I have a look for these on a regular basis and correct them and also double check that they are not duplicates of an existing walk.
If you don’t know the co-ordinates, you can go to Google maps and right click on the location of the start of the walk and the co-ordinates come up on the bottom right of the screen.
Duplicate walks can be ‘merged’ with an existing walk but only by ‘administrators’ like myself, Richard and Maverick. If you want the walk deleted then only Richard can do this.
I am literally walking out the door for a weekends camping and bushwalking in Amamoor State Forest, so will get back to looking at the walks you mentioned and correcting them next week.
If in future, you spot duplicates and suspected errors, please let us know via this forum, which would most appreciated and we will look to correct the situation.

Regards F.A.B.

Hi @Wanderlust,
Thanks for adding walks to the site. I’m always happy that people are adding, even if it means we get some duplicates. Like @F_A_B_Ferguson_Adven said we can merge in walks when we find them so just drop a message here on the forums and it’ll get fixed up.

I’ll just add that you can double-click on the map when you’re adding a walk and it will set the location to where you’ve tapped. You can also drag the pin around to make fine changes.

This is all a bit of the price of having the open site. The idea is that over time our data gets better and better, but I always figure it’s best to have a little bit of info there than none at all!

I’ve merged the Jack Gordon Walk in to Sel Outridge.