Mt Barney track info

Planning another hike up Mt Barney in a couple of weeks and wondering if there was much fire damage from the recent fires.

Mt Barney copped the fire pretty seriously. I haven’t been out there myself but I heard the track is much harder to follow now, however it is open again and I’ve heard rumours that the navigation plates have been replaced. Take extra care to stay on the track as there will be fragile regrowth all around and perhaps plan for extra time so care can be taken with navigation.

Thanks Richard, It may be a good reason to do Logans Ridge again, it would be pretty hard to go wrong there, just hope my new walking buddy is up to it.

I went there last weekend (24th May) there was extensive fire damage through out the whole mountain, However the under-story has greened up nicely, It amazed me how quite it was with very little wildlife, it must take some time before the insects and birds come back.

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Thanks for the update on track conditions Olly, much appreciated. I am hoping to go next week on my annual pilgrimage :grinning: and I like to know what to expect if conditions have changed. I hope the local endangered flora hasn’t been destroyed, not sure if it is able to withstand fires.

We went last Sunday (31st) as a group of 10+. Obvious trace of the recent fires but some inconsistent track marking with tape on bushes or triangle on rocks to help finding your way (up South East, down South). Rare birds or insects yet but the season is getting cold I guess. Although we saw a Koala when almost finishing on South Ridge, not far from Cronan Creek). highlight of the day! That almost overshadow the view from the summit…


Thanks Matthias, it is great to get a couple of replies, That was some group you were with!
Good information and top pic of the Koala, I can’t wait to get up there again.

Went up Logans and down south east yesterday. No trouble on logan’s but we definitely had some trouble following the trail down south east ridge. I guess the fire had made the path a little more difficult to follow.

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Thanks for the info, I think it is always harder to get lost on Logans, there aren’t many places where you could go astray, It is my preferred route but not sure if the guy I am going with is up to it. South East is a pretty safe option, I have never had any trouble going up, but there is one spot where the track turns to the right and it isn’t easy to see going down and very easy to go straight ahead where there also appears to be a track, no doubt taken by many others in the past. I would still love to try Eagles Ridge, but can’t seem to find much info on the route, would love to know if it is much more difficult than Logans and I wouldn’t want to have to carry a rope.

I was at Barney yesterday. I can’t believe how muck less bush and shrubbery there is on the top part, than compared to a few years ago when I was there.
The National Parks have also put new marking tape for assisting in identifying the track route also. Did South Ridge, as it was windy as anything, and didn’t like the thought of buffering winds up SE Ridge.