Mt Barney walk - guiding help needed

Hello, fellow bushwalkers,

I am interested in climbing Mt Barney (Qld.). However, I’ve been told you need a guide as the tracks are not marked. Is there anyone out there interested in accompanying me on a climb there this winter (2019)?
I am 70 years old, just climbed Mt. Kinabalu (4095metres in Borneo) in April this year (2019). I have climbed it 4 times now. I practice climbing here in Brisbane on Mt Coot-tha.

Thanking you in advance,

Hi Nahar, pretty impressive climbing Mt Kinabalu at your age.
I am turning 70 in 2 weeks time and climbed Mt Barney twice in June/ July last year. I found the SE Ridge route easy enough to follow, it is fairly well trodden and some new markers were placed last year so I doubt if that would be a problem.
I also did the Logans Ridge route where there are few tracks but even there, it would be hard to go astray as long as you follow the ridge. I actually preferred the Logans route as it is more of a challenge and more direct with better views.
If you have a gps or decent phone app that tracks your walk it is even easier.
The main problem with walking alone is the safety issues and no phone service, it would be a pain trying to get down alone with an injury.
I mostly walk alone mid week as it is difficult to find someone else to walk with, but I wouldn’t do logans ridge by myself.
If you can’t find anyone else, I could come along, although I may not be able to keep up. The last 2 trips up logans took me about 6 hours return, 4 up and 2 down the SE Ridge route, but last time I was with a couple of fit 19 year olds so probably a little faster than I would normally do.

Dear John,

Thank you for your message. Very nice of you to respond.
Yes, I would like to do the walk with you, if possible. Don’t worry, I am an average walker.
I am free any time as I am retired, so a mid-week walk is fine.
You are welcome to call me on my mobile - 0426 258 988 and hopefully, we can arrange the walk. I live in Brisbane in the western suburbs.
Kind regards,

Wow I’m really impressed by both of you and that 6 hour time is a lot quicker that I did. Almost twice as quick, but I’m not fit.
I’ve been to Kinabalu but wasn’t silly enough to climb it :grin:. Well done.

Time is not really important, hiking is about enjoyment, I personally prefer to take it a bit slower and savour every step.

2 friends and I did Barney last month. We did south east (peasants) ridge. No real issues for nav, but I would agree Barney is not one to do by yourself. Took us 5 hours to reach the summit.
Would love to try Logan’s ridge sometime.

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HI Crazypoola and welcome. Did you do the SE Ridge or the S Ridge? Barney is certainly one to get the heart pumping regardless of which route you take. Personally I didn’t find Logans to be much more difficult than the SE Ridge, although you do need a head for heights. It is more direct so a quicker route to the summit and much better views.

Hello, fellow Mt Barney discussion people, John, Nichola and Crazypoola,

Thanks for your interest in this discussion. Being a newbie, it is heartening to hear tips from people who have climbed or would like to climb Mt. Barney.
Yes, take it slow and enjoy, especially now the cool weather is upon us.
I definitely want to try this climb.
Thanks for your advice and comments everyone!

Thanks Nahah for a great day yesterday, an icy cold wind that almost left me with frostbitten fingers, but I really enjoyed the day, and pretty good time to the summit too. What better way to celebrate a belated 70th birthday.


Hi, John,
Yes. it was a cold one! Thank you very much for guiding me up the South-East Ridge - not the easiest of climbs, but we did it. Not bad for two 70 year olds!


I camped at Mt Barney Lodge and walked through yellow pinch but didn’t have time for the mountain sadly, but this comment threads inspiring for a 21 year old guy! I’ll have to get back

Hi, Angus,
It’s a strenuous climb.If you haven’t been before, you probably need a guide. Wear your woollies as at the top, it can get very windy. I am looking at climbing Mt Maroon sometime soon. It’s not as tough as Mt Barney, I hear.
All the best,

HI Nahar, I love Mt Maroon, awesome views, maybe we can do it together after Wilsons Peak?

Hi Angus, welcome to the forum, looking forward to hearing from you in the future. Mt Barney is a great hike and at your age you should’t have much trouble if you reasonably fit and have done some previous mountain hikes. If you haven’t, maybe you should try Mt Maroon first and see how you go, it is a great hike and one of my favourites.