Mt Barney walk - guiding help needed


Hello, fellow bushwalkers,

I am interested in climbing Mt Barney (Qld.). However, I’ve been told you need a guide as the tracks are not marked. Is there anyone out there interested in accompanying me on a climb there this winter (2019)?
I am 70 years old, just climbed Mt. Kinabalu (4095metres in Borneo) in April this year (2019). I have climbed it 4 times now. I practice climbing here in Brisbane on Mt Coot-tha.

Thanking you in advance,


Hi Nahar, pretty impressive climbing Mt Kinabalu at your age.
I am turning 70 in 2 weeks time and climbed Mt Barney twice in June/ July last year. I found the SE Ridge route easy enough to follow, it is fairly well trodden and some new markers were placed last year so I doubt if that would be a problem.
I also did the Logans Ridge route where there are few tracks but even there, it would be hard to go astray as long as you follow the ridge. I actually preferred the Logans route as it is more of a challenge and more direct with better views.
If you have a gps or decent phone app that tracks your walk it is even easier.
The main problem with walking alone is the safety issues and no phone service, it would be a pain trying to get down alone with an injury.
I mostly walk alone mid week as it is difficult to find someone else to walk with, but I wouldn’t do logans ridge by myself.
If you can’t find anyone else, I could come along, although I may not be able to keep up. The last 2 trips up logans took me about 6 hours return, 4 up and 2 down the SE Ridge route, but last time I was with a couple of fit 19 year olds so probably a little faster than I would normally do.


Dear John,

Thank you for your message. Very nice of you to respond.
Yes, I would like to do the walk with you, if possible. Don’t worry, I am an average walker.
I am free any time as I am retired, so a mid-week walk is fine.
You are welcome to call me on my mobile - 0426 258 988 and hopefully, we can arrange the walk. I live in Brisbane in the western suburbs.
Kind regards,


Wow I’m really impressed by both of you and that 6 hour time is a lot quicker that I did. Almost twice as quick, but I’m not fit.
I’ve been to Kinabalu but wasn’t silly enough to climb it :grin:. Well done.


Time is not really important, hiking is about enjoyment, I personally prefer to take it a bit slower and savour every step.


2 friends and I did Barney last month. We did south east (peasants) ridge. No real issues for nav, but I would agree Barney is not one to do by yourself. Took us 5 hours to reach the summit.
Would love to try Logan’s ridge sometime.

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HI Crazypoola and welcome. Did you do the SE Ridge or the S Ridge? Barney is certainly one to get the heart pumping regardless of which route you take. Personally I didn’t find Logans to be much more difficult than the SE Ridge, although you do need a head for heights. It is more direct so a quicker route to the summit and much better views.


Hello, fellow Mt Barney discussion people, John, Nichola and Crazypoola,

Thanks for your interest in this discussion. Being a newbie, it is heartening to hear tips from people who have climbed or would like to climb Mt. Barney.
Yes, take it slow and enjoy, especially now the cool weather is upon us.
I definitely want to try this climb.
Thanks for your advice and comments everyone!