Mt Cougal access from QLD side at Cascade?

Hi All

Looking at the Mt Cougal walk:

But it says to get there you need to turn off to Tomewin Mountain Rd, cross the border and go up Garden of Eden Road

However, according to Google Maps you can access the same starting point from the Cascades, so then you will not need to cross the border. Can anyone concur please?

If right seems much easier and quicker way to to get there

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Looks like an error on behalf of google maps you can see if you drop down into street view that Garden of Eden Rd is a no through road. So if you are desperate to climb Mt Cougal from Queensland while the border is still closed you can climb from Cougal Cascades up past Boyd’s Butte though it is a tougher and longer route.

Thanks for that.

Oh well I will put in the bucket list then.

Do you have to enter the cave to get to the summit? It looks pretty tight

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You don’t enter the caves to get to the summit. It’s a slight detour that people often explore.

Thanks again all

Just came across this video. It deserves more likes. Well done to whoever created it it you are in this site