New SE Ridge access route?

I ascended via Logans Ridge yesterday and descended via SE Ridge and noticed a new sign for The South East Ridge with a new gate 800 metres from Yellow Pinch carpark. Is this a new track? I know they are doing work including new markers but can’t find anything about this. We were in front of a couple coming down but they were at the carpark before us and assume they took this track. If it is there, it would cut off a couple of kilometres of the boring stuff.

If you descended via SE did you come out at the new marker? I’m heading up in October so keen to know if we should follow a new route.

Hi Richard,
As we got close to the bottom we came to a junction and friend asked if we head left or right. I said right, as that is the way that brings you out at the marked tree, it was only when we came to a new sign that said SE Ridge and a path through a new small gate on our left 800 metes from Yellow Pinch carpark that I wondered if it was a new entry point. I am pretty sure it was since a couple who were well behind us, were driving out as we arrived and they didnt pass us.
I have a friend who is doing this route on Saturday and he will check it out and I will let you know.

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Hi again Richard, the new path has been confirmed by a friend who came down that route on Saturday.
His estimate was that the junction is about 1k from the old road but not really easy to spot at present, particularly of you are not looking out for it, hopefully someone will mark it with a tape or something until it is recognised as a new trail. It is a much easier constant gradient too and probably saves 20 minutes off the old track.
Heading up it is easy to see, 800 metres from Yellow Pinch Carpark, marked by a sign saying SE Ridge and a gate a little way off the road.
I hope this makes your next walk a little more pleasant.

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Repeated the walk up Logans and down SE Ridge yesterday and followed the new path back, it is easy to spot going up SE Ridge, but not so easy coming down if you are not looking out for it. There are new markers up SE, so can’t understand why they didn’t mark the path coming down, I was going to tie some red ribbon at the junction but didn’t in case I was on the wrong path. Perhaps it would be good to amend the notes on the SE ridge walk Richard?

Hi jgmansell,
I’m planning on hikinh Mount Barney next weekend heading up SE ridge, camping at rum jungle then heading down Peasants Ridge the next day. Would you recommend the new or the old SE ridge route? Keen to do whichever is more fun - don’t mind difficulty. Also, do you know if the creek is currently flowing up the top?
Thanks, Craig

I would definitely recommend the new route, it is much more pleasant than plodding along the road for 4 km.
I can’t comment on the creek at the top as I didn’t come down via Rum Jungle, just went up Logans then down SE.
Prepare for a cold night, it was 1 degree and frosty when we headed off at around 6:30 :snowflake: