New tag added: Alpine

I’ve been adding all the walks we did on my recent Cradle Mountain trip and realised we really needed an alpine tag to join the other “Environment” tags.


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Saw that and thought it was just for Christmas !

Also noticed you put photos within the script, something I had not realised you could do. Tried it on one of the recent walks I loaded for Norfolk Island. Not sure how the placement of the photo works within the script, but might well use it in the future.

Now I’m just waiting for somebody to add the walk to Santas Workshop at the North Pole :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you can add the photos into the walk descriptions. If you want to move placement select the photo and use the left/right/centre align buttons to move them around. Centre align will make them fill then width of the column.

I also have a half-done feature to replace the photo in the banner. Essentially you could choose a different photo for the banner for each walk, but I never got as far as providing a UI for it. Hopefully one day I’ll get back to it. It’d also be nice to reorder the photos so we can choose the best photos to show up in the short descriptions for walks (potentially even on the map).

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