Obtaining topo maps

As Qld SunMap no longer exists – I have been advised to download from QTOPO (Qld Gov ) – have tried various access portals as directed – no luck – best I get is a " Screenshot" – no Lat/Longs or Grids – any advise much app, :slightly_smiling:

Hi Ruby, I haved used QTOPO from time to time. They way I have always done it is to…

  1. Zoom to the desired area
  2. Click the “Click here to” button and select “Generate a Printable Map”
  3. For hiking, I normally choose the “Select a Standard Topographic Scale” and “1:25,000” options
  4. Click the “Next” button
  5. Enter the validation number and your email address and select PDF as the output format
  6. Click the “Generate Map” button
  7. Wait for the email with the download link
  8. Go to a local printer to have them printed alot more accurately

I find it alot easier to do all this on a computer rather then on a mobile/tablet. You can also download a map by map number or name - select “Download a standard map sheet” instead of “Generate a Printable Map” in step 2

The official address is: http://qtopo.dnrm.qld.gov.au/

QTOPO only appears to work effectively on Internet Explorer. It will not load on Chrome.

Hi Chris, try out the mobile version of QTOPO: http://qtopo.dnrm.qld.gov.au/Mobile/

Works fine for me on Chrome.