Open Terrain Hiking

Hi all. Having done 80+ walks, the bush in SE QLD is starting feel a little ‘same-ol-same-ol’.

Does anyone know of any ‘open/sparse terrain’ hikes in QLD (or northern NSW) - preferably 10-40Km in length.

I am also looking for someplace I can practice some of those navigation skills/devices that I have acquired.I find most places/walks are either too safe, have too many rules or involve bush that is too dense for my current skill level… so…bonus points if you can think of some walks that involve ‘open/sparse terrain’ AND more or less ‘untracked’

Hi Dave,

This is not an exciting location, but it is largely sparse and you can hike pretty much everywhere… Gatton National Park. It is not huge and it is criss-crossed with 4WD tracks. There are not many distinct landmarks, and it’s pretty flat. If you pretend not to see the 4WD tracks, you can almost imagine being in the bush. There are approximately 20km of tracks in the park, so you CAN walk a fair distance there.