Overnight hikes

Where are some locations that permit overnight hikes, not camping but more like rolling out the bivy bag


Hi Andrew, What area are you looking? Ie. What state or region are you wanting to walk in?

Mainly around the SE Queensland region

Giraween has plenty of options, for overnight or Multi day Hikes

This is further south but worth the travel

Hi Andrew. You can search for multiday hikes on the site - https://www.aussiebushwalking.com/search/near-brisbane-city-qld/multi-day

Mt Barney NP has some good options. If you want to stay on tracks but still have options for camping out then Lamington NP has some options.

I have booked in to go to Giraween in July so I’m looking forward to that!


Fantastic! which parts are you planning on visiting?

Hopefully they get some rain out there before then. The park is being put into water conservation mode and has been hit by a bushfire lately - https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/girraween/

There’s a multi day one here on the Sunny Coast up through the hinterland.

Hi Andrew. Most established hiking trails in Qld will be mainly in NP`s There is 10 Great walks in Qld alone and 5 of them in SEQld. However most require you to stay in the walkers camps provided. Having said that and having done all in SEQld some of them more than once. You will not find any of the walkers camps crowded unless going in school holiday times.
If you what any ideas or maps Im only too happy to help.

Hi Craig, Im planning on doing the Northern Management Trail remote bush camp at Girraween in July, do you have any maps for this location? I just sent you a friend request on FB and asked to join your FB group.

Thanks in advance