Rainbow falls best time to visit to see Waterfall


Keen to check out Rainbow Falls again. The last time I was there was in April at around 10:20am and the double rainbow was there in all it’s glory however I visited some months later on a good day at the same time and nothing :frowning:
So I was thinking the rainbow can only be seen at certain times of the year when the sun is at the right position… Or maybe at other times of the year has to be a different time of day to see it

Would anyone happen to know the details about this when to see the rainbow? I am planning to go in a few weeks hopefully since it’s still close to April it will still be visible!


Well im no expert but I went there yesterday around 12:30 and the twin rainbow was very low and faint. Continued on to Goomoolahra falls and by the time I got back it was even lower… Given that last time I was there in April the watefalls were more prominent at around 12:30 pm and one month later they are less so, I guess Summer months are better for seeing the Rainbow and early morning is best around 10ish…