Remote Mountains in SEQ

Hey guys, I’ve been looking around for a mountain that has an awesome view that is also very quite for an overnight camp. I’m looking for something around an hour or less drive from Brisbane. If anyone has any cool spots that fit the description could you please let me know. Cheers, Eddy

Hi Eddy,
As far as mountains that have a recognised QPWS remote campsites or an established site within an hour of Brisbane are quite limited. Within an hour only really Northbrook Mountain remote bush camp in D’Aguilar National Park offers a Mountain camp with views though this is quite a well known location but through the use of the site booker you could aim for an occasion when no one else was present most likely midweek or when there is inclement weather.

Between an hour and two hours drive there are a few more options…
On the Gold Coast Mount Cougal West has an established but not recognised campsite on the summit.
Then there are QPWS remote bushcamps in Mount Barney, Lamington & Main Range National Parks that could fit your needs i.e. Montserrat Lookout, Mount May saddle, a few more options in and around the Mount Barney Massif, Mount Bithongabel, Echo Point, Point Lookout, Stern, Spicers Peak (East) & (West), Lizard Point & others
North of Brisbane there’s Thilba Thalba walkers’ camp on Mount Thilba Thalba in Mapleton National Park.

If your willing to travel further there are some quality options out Stanthorpe way that could fit your needs though will take over 3 hours drive. More freedoms are on offer at Sundown National Park as Sundown remote bush camping allows you to camp throughout the park thus Mount Donaldson would be a good option. Also the neighbouring Girraween National Park offers good mountain camps with views the South East peak of Twin Peaks has a small tent site and there’s also other QPWS remote camps.

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