Rotated photos on Aussie Bushwalking

People have pointed out some cases where photos are incorrectly rotated on the site (e.g. upside down). I’ve just fixed up a number of them but haven’t gone through all of the photos so could you let me know if you notice any others and i’ll fix them up? Easiest way is to just reply in this thread with a link to the walk.

Richard hi.

Here is another example of an upside down photo

There were also, I think, three that came in on last weekend’s walks, but they had gone from the front page before I could capture then. Incidentally, is there some way to increase the length of the front page, so that more of the recent walks/blogs can be shown? I like to have a read of the weekends walks on a Monday and by then all but about the last 5/6 have gone. Maybe increase the page depth and/or reduce the size of the bottom ‘banner’.

I am sure that you have better things to do than ‘turn pictures around’! As you know, the problem lies with people loading images direct from their iPhone with no edit (not something we do). Maybe a warning e-mail to everyone and/or we have the ability to edit the photos we have loaded?


Paul - Ferguson Adventure Bunnies (F.A.B.)

Thanks Paul. I’ve fixed that one up. I’d love to be able to blame it on others but there’s definitely something wrong with something on the site as well. It seems to flip some images for some reason which I’m yet to determine. I’ve got a script to fix them so it doesn’t take long to do now.

I can definitely expand the front page. I’ve popped it onto the UserVoice site so I don’t forget:

Another one for you Richard!

Thanks. Fixed. Some nice photos on that walk :slight_smile:
It’s been awhile since I’ve visited Ngungun.

Another one found!

Mount Miketeebumulgrai

Thanks. Fixed that one. Looks like I have a bit of a stretching issue though - the thumbnail looks a bit off. I’ll put that on the list.


Thanks. Curtis Falls is fixed now.

Hi Richard. Have started using my mobile phone for photos and now coming up with the sideways/upside down issues!
A new walk I loaded: Melaleule Trail - Mooloolah River NP now has a sideways signpost!

Boronia Trail - Mooloolah River NP ended up with three photos of the same goanna and it is sideways again.

Slightly different issue. I loaded Mt Eewah’s GPS track as a ‘planed route’ not a ‘track’ and therefore has a zero profile. I have now loaded the correct ‘track - 65 Mt Eerwah’. Please can you delete the 1st one.



Thanks Paul. I’ve fixed up those photos and also removed the planned route.

This issue should hopefully be fixed permanently now. I still have to reprocess all the images that have already been uploaded, but new images should correctly rotate automatically.

Thanks Richard This has historically been a problem for me. I checked a few of my older walks where I knew the pictures were wrong and they all look o.k. now.

Oh, just come across one of my older walks, where the picture of the Giant Queensland Bottletree is sideways.

Please correct: Adungadoo Pathway. Thanks.

Well the trees are almost as wide as they are tall so it’s hard to tell! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for pointing it out. It’s fixed up now but I’ve got some new caching happening with images so it might take a bit of time to actually update on the site. I’ll confirm it’s worked in a day or two.

Found another of my inverted photos Richard. This time image 2 at Kenilworth Bluff; our tents are upside down!

Also was re-editing Minyon Falls Loop and realised that we have a kml route loaded rather than a track. I have now loaded a gpx track called 2 Minyon Falls Loop. Please can you delete the kml and reinstate the gpx. Thanks.

Just found another 2 photos for rotation at Cape Bruny Lighthouse.

Also found a couple of strange gpx tracks that look like they were drawn, as they have no elevation and only a couple of points. They are Dularcha N-P Tunnel Track and Dularcha N-P Roses Circuit. I have loaded 94 Tunnel Track and 95 Roses Circuit gpx tracks to replace them. Please can you switch them out. Thanks

Thanks Paul. I’ve fixed up the images. It’ll take me a bit longer to change the tracks as I don’t have a simple process for this yet.

I haven’t got to the GPS files yet, but I found another problematic one on the Box Forest circuit - (writing it here so I don’t forget)

Hi @F_A_B_Ferguson_Adven. Just letting you know that I’ve fixed up those GPS files in Dularcha NP now plus I’ve added a little UI so I can fix them up quickly in the future. Thanks for reporting them.

As a moderator you should have access to that UI as well, but it’s fairly simplistic at the moment. If you click on the “GPS Tracks” heading on any walk you’ll go to a new map where you can select each track and see them on the map.

With some more testing and tweaking I might open this up to others in the future.