Sandy Camp Road Wetlands Reserve (Lytton, QLD)

This question was sent through on Facebook. Can anybody help out?

Hi, just wondering if you could please advise if the trail at Sandy Camp Road, wetlands reserve is gravel or concrete. We are looking for new places to run with no concrete. Oxley reserve can sometimes be a bit far. Do you know if there are trails up along the railway side to Pritchard road to lengthen the run at Sandy creek wetlands. Many thanks Judy

Hi Judy, I have been to Sandy Camp Rd many times, it is frequented a lot by walkers and birders. The paths are gravel, however Iā€™m uncertain it would be suitable for running. The side tracks can be a bit narrow and overgrown, would be best to stick to the main tracks. The stretch along the rail line is fairly clear but can get really boggy after a rain.

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