Seeking suggestions - Hikes Betw Bris & Carnarvon Gorge

Hi All, I’m heading to Carnarvon Gorge next week to do an overnight hike to Big Bend and a day in the Gorge. I’ll have a few days spare on my return to Brisbane so am looking for recommendations on what to see/hike on the way back?


April hi.
After the challenges of Carnarvon Gorge (that I did last year), I would recommend a detour up to Nuga Nuga NP before coming down along Acadia Valley Road via Lonesome NP with fantastic views of Expedition NP and then back into Roma. Get to Roma on a Monday night so you can go to the cattle sales yard early on Tuesday morning, which is an experience in it’s self. Then through to Toowoomba where there is a stack of walks including Table Top Loop and back home.
Expedition NP is awesome, but access is from the east by 4WD only, so probably not an option.

Thanks! (not for the poor cow sales though, that’s so sad and why anyone would ever think that’s a place to go and be happy is WAY beyond me). But I’ll definitely check out Toowoomba on the way back. Thanks again for your input. Appreciate it.