Server Error 502

Hi, I’m getting a “Server Error 502 - webserver received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server” when I select a walk and click on the ‘information’ icon. The most recent walk I was trying to get further information on was ‘Martin Williams Walk’. It doesn’t happen all the time; I haven’t been able to find a pattern to when it happens.

I’ve restarted my MacBook and that didn’t help. Also the website is very slow when loading some pages, not all though. I don’t have any issues when I access other websites.

Regards, Liz.

Thanks Liz. It’s definitely not you or your computer, the site has been having trouble. I did some work on it last weekend which I think improved it a bit, but it’s still having those troubles. I’ll keep seeing if I can get to the bottom of it.

Generally you can wait a minute and hit retry and get through. There’s no one particular page having trouble so while Martin Williams Walk may fail first attempt, it should work at a different time.

@Sunshine0258 I think I got to this fixed last night. Site is back to where I want it when I test. Hopefully no more errors and no more waiting for pages to load

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I’ve just tested a couple of walks and the information loads immediately. Pages are loading immediately too. Yay! Well done and thank you. :star_struck: