Sleeping Bag Recommendation

Hello everyone, I am choosing a reliable and comfortable sleeping bag. I watched about 10 video reviews of different sleeping bags on YouTube, and many recommended the (removed by administrator) sleeping bag, then I read an article about it, here is the link (removed by administrator). Have any of you used this bag before? I cannot decide on a purchase. I would be glad to receive your answers.

@OliverJameson This post seems like spam - brand new user and linking to only one site. Could you expand on what features you are looking for in a sleeping bag and people can provide recommendations based on what you require.

e.g. Where are you wanting to use it? How much are you hoping to spend? Do you have weight requirements?


I apologize, in no way wanted my question to sound like spam, I recently went hiking, and unfortunately I am still not very good at understanding it, on YouTube I saw a review of the Kelty Cosmic Down 40 Review sleeping bag. So I wanted to ask if people used a melon sleeping bag. And on this site (removed by administrator) I read about the advantages of this bag. I was wondering if the description of the bag matches the description. Who else but the people who used can advise. I want to repeat that my message is not an advertisement for this bag. Since I didn’t use it. May I ask you to resume my post on the forum, as it does not contain any advertising or spam. And also you can make sure that I am not a bot, but a real person.

The required bag weight is up to 1 kilogram. And the price is up to $ 50. Must withstand cold as low as -9 degrees Celsius.

I’m sorry Oliver but you’re “dreaming”.
If you want a decent sleeping bag that can handle those temperatures and that weight you will only obtain it with a technical down bag that will realistically cost $$$! You pay for what you generally get in this market even if there are some good products at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Yep, I agree with @Smartywishbone. Your expectations are way off. Even the bag you mention is around the $200 mark! You’ll need to either lower expectations or spend more. Unfortunately I don’t have anything I can recommend to match your requirements.

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