Southen QLD - Border Track Notes

I’m wondering if anyone has completed the border track from The Hidden Valley (Tugun) to Binna Burra or Springbrook and would be able to provide track notes?

My plans are to take the border track along the regular border trail from Hidden Valley to Moolamba Hill then onwards through Piggabeen (Boololagung & Colagang Hills) along the Mchpherson Range.

Travelling south-west towards Mt Talganda Colgon & Mt Tomewin and then ultimately reaching the Mt Cougal car park on Garden of Eden Rd. I planned to make camp near the summit of Cougal East before continuing along the range to Springbrook then finally making it to Binna Burra.

I’ve completed the Cougal many times and have walked a number of different sections of the border trail but unsure if it’s completley passable due to private properties.

Topo’s tell me it should be pretty simple to keep on the McPherson range due to the border fence but suspecting there could be some challenging parts (E.g. West Cougal to Springbrook).

Look forward to hearing replies.

Hi Matt,
I haven’t personally done that first section Hidden Valley through to Mount Cougal and that section isn’t up on the site either so you might struggle to find someone who has. By looking across on all trails and reading the reviews people have left as I’m sure you might’ve already done it seems like it is quite overgrown after a few kilometres. Which isn’t surprising considering what that first section of the Cougals walk is like and this section has much lower visitation levels so you could imagine it would likely be worse. Though with the route your considering I would imagine your capable of some bush bashing and the road follows relatively closely after Colagang hill so could have the option to skip round some stuff if it gets particularly gnarly. I think looks like Mount Thunberrigan and Boyung Thugai might be in private property from the looks of street view so might be following Tomewin road from the border gate through to garden of eden road. From my experience with the Cougals West Peak seemed more camper friendly though I’m guessing your decision around camping at East Peak is probably more due to the amount of kilometres you’ve got packed into the day. And then your quite right from all accounts I’m sure West Peak then on up to Springbrook would be challenging to say the least. Not sure what your idea of your journey is if your wanting to stay 100% faithful to the border or not. If not could be worth considering taking one of the ridges North West off of West Peak down to Tallebudgera Creek and then heading up the Cream Track to Springbrook. Worth noting that Cream track goes near/ on the boundary of private property which has been sold over the last while so not 100% sure about the open status but probably be fine. Either way you go you’ll end up not too far from each other on the Eastern side of the Springbrook plateau then from there you have options again. If your sticking true to the border than I’ve done along the plateau section and it’s relatively easy going from Mount Thillinmam & the Bilbroughs Lookout trig to Springbrook Mountain then on towards Mount Mumdjin (Best of All Lookouts). From there dropping off the West side of Springbrook doesn’t seem as bad as going up the East but getting around or over Mount Tenduragan could be difficult. Then once your down in Numinbah Valley then it’s up bushrangers cave / Mount Wagawn route and onto the graded track system. Otherwise if your going less faithful to the border then I’m guessing your linking onto the great walk and coming up to Binna Burra that way which you could cut up to as soon as your on the plateau along the main road or you could do the plateau border section then link up to it via the quieter Repeater station and lyrebird ridge roads. Hope I maybe helped in some way. You might have some trouble finding some of the answers you are looking for as it’s not some of the most traversed areas. It could be a case of finding out a bit as you go. I think from memory the book Robert Rankin’s Secrets of the Scenic Rim: A Guide to the Bushwalks and Climbs covers some of this subject matter as there’s sections about people doing the full scenic rim traverse not sure if there’s enough detail on the section your interested in though. Would be keen to hear more of your exact plans once you have nutted it out or a trip review if you give it a go other wise good luck hopefully I’ve helped in someway or someone else is able to. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
Kind regards,

Hey Lahs,

Really detailed reply, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to help me out.

Last week I did another scout on the border from Boololagung Hill to Talganda and it was very overgrown but still passable. I just didn’t want to wander into private property as I’ve done this by accident before and came across some unfriendly landowners.

To be honest, I had intended to stay true to the border range but will now anticipate some deviations off the range. Your suggestion of heading north west down into Tallebudgera creek seems like a wise one as the climb from West Cougal to Mt Thillinman along the ridge looks pretty gnarly on topos (possibly too steep to scramble). I’ve only been able to find one mention online of someone attempting this route (and turning back).

Traversing to the creek will probably have to do but will just mean a longer journey due to decline & incline.

Planning this trip between June-August so will hopefully find more information and check out the book you’ve recommended.

Thank you.

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@Matt_Dean I haven’t walked it at all but I can send you the pages from Bushpeople’s Guide to Bushwalking in South-East Queensland about that section if you haven’t got that book. It starts with “It is necessary to detour away from the border route to avoid Springbrook’s massive eastern cliffs”… It’s from 1991 but still might help.

That would be amazing thank you!

Another scout this weekend from the Springbrook side makes me think it would definitely be wise to detour into the valley from West Cougal as much as I’d love to find a passable section along the steep contours.


For those following from afar… I’ve PMd the page to Matt.