Suggested o/nite track near Mt Barney

Hi all, 1st post here.

I’ve read on ABW some really good info. I’m now looking at a walk around the Mt Barney/Mt Lindsay with my 12yo over Easter and looking for some info and recommendations.

Looking at an overnite with either a circuit back to vehicle. Or somewhere with a good overnite to pitch camp. Up to say 15km’s.

Thanks in advance


I took my 7yo to the Lower Portals last year with great success. Perhaps not as long as you’re looking for but you could walk in, set up camp then explore up Mt Barney Creek plus it’s a great spot for a swim. Creek should have plenty of water in it at the moment.

Thanks Richard. I’d had a look at this earlier, but wasn’t sure about pitching overnite, but have since read that someone else had. What do you think?

Hi Eddie

We camped at Mr Barney Lodge and walked to Cronan Ck and back. That is approx. 15km return. There were bush campsites (9 & 10 on the along the way at the base of Mt Barney if that is more what you are after. To add onto the walk there is Yellowpinch just at the start of the walk. Alternatively you could park the car at the Yellowpinch car park and walk in from there.

The Lower Portals have one area right near the portals to bush camp. It will be gorgeous this time of year.

There is also Waterfall Ck Reserve where you can climb Mt May. And if you have a 4wd consider driving up to the start of the Upper Portals and walk that track.

Hope that helps and enjoy the area. It is my favourite place in all of SE QLD.


Thanks Keren, you’re a wealth of good info. We camped and hiked a couple of years back at nearby Kooreelah. I agree it’s a magic area

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