Suggestion for: Camping Websites

Hi all,
Would anyone know of any website similar to this one showing places to camp? I’m sort of looking for a map. Something I can filter out:
Camping accommodation (caravan, tent, …).
Access (Over night hikes, 4WD, public transport, …).
Reason being I want to do hikes a bit further away and explore some other regions of Australia.
QLD National Parks Website, seems to have a nice search function. But that’s just for QLD. Google seems to work fine, however I can’t filter out what I’d like and depends on how close I’m zoomed in. I’m keen for both Government and private run campgrounds.

Hi Maverick, been a while since I last heard from you.
A couple of ideas for you:

Google ‘hipcamp’. These are smaller campsites a bit off the beaten track. Mapsearch on the website.

Google ‘wikicamps’. much more comprehensive and has a very good app and provides more information about the surrounding area. Even has places to camp by the side of the road! Mapsearch on the app and website.

Have you ever looked at Wikiloc for bushwalks. Although there is seldom much detail, you always get a GPS track, which you can download to your own software.

Hope this helps.

Wikicamps is basically what I’m after, will just need to research a little to make sure my little Ford Fiesta can make it to the camp ground I choose.
Just had a quick look at Wikiloc, those GPS tracks could come in handy in the future, but for now I’ll just stick to the popular/“defined” tracks if I’m going somewhere unknown. Plus I should invest in a GPS other then my phone especially if I’m doing multi day hikes/camps.

Yea, work took me to central Qld, so not much hiking the last year. But now I’m back along the coast and started a “VR” Youtube channel to keep me motivated to go out every weekend.

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There is a good app called CamperX. It’s worth the fee and will tell you everything that you want to know.
If you want a free one - well you get what you pay for :joy: