Sunshine Coast Great Walk in the wet

Here’s a question for the brains trust … i was planning on walking the SCHGW loop and camping at Thilba Thalba and Ubajee this coming weekend, but latest weather forecasts suggest up to 35mm of rain on Saturday.
1 - how does the GW infrastructure hold up after a big rain event?
2 - with the confluence of numerous creeks in the area, is it prone to flooding and making the creek crossings between the two camps impassable?
Many thanks for your feedback

Hi David
Sorry a lot late but it might help others. This is a really good hike in my limited experience. We stayed at the flaxton camp which was fantastic in the dry. Got caught in the rain for lunch at ubajee (not as nice a site) and totally drenched at thilba Thalba. ( another great camp with stunning veiws) There is no cover at any site except around the toilets. It would need to be pretty big rain to make the concrete river crossings impassable. 1 is river bed but again I think wet feet would be the worst case. We are heading back to camp at Thilba on the 5/1/22. Falls should be fantastic, site a little muddy.