Sunshine Great Walk - for a beginner and other walk suggestions


I would like to take my 18yr old son out on his first Bushwalk. I have done some Bushwalking and trying to do at least one or two multiday walks a year.
Being in Brisbane I thought the Sunshine great Walk might be a good start.
Close to home and seem to have some great views. I have not done this walk myself yet.
I am looking at starting at Mapleton falls or at the end of Delicia Road where there seem to be a car park.

Day 1: Drive to starting point and walk to Thilba Thalba
Day 2: to Ubajee
Day 3: Back to starting point and Drive home
How safe is it with leaving the car at either of these car parks for a few nights while doing the walk?
Also, does anyone have any other suggestions to ‘close to Brisbane’ multiday walks?

Thank you,


Hi J
The walk you suggested is an excellent walk, You will easily do it in 2 and a half days, The first day you will have beautiful views over the valley and the second day you will descend down the valley and walk along a creek with places to stop and have a swim if you want. I have done it a few times now.
have fun

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I would highly commend this walk if you want to do a couple of overnight stops, as it is a circular route. So many of the good overnighters are one way only.
The scenery is great and the elevation change a challenge. The walk in from Delicia Road to Thilba Thalba camp is 14km, so you need to take that into account in your plans. M4 Delicia Road Access has a map and a write up on About | Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk | Parks and forests | Department of Environment and Science, Queensland

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