The Steamers Walk

Hi, I would love to do The Steamers from Emu Creak but only have a Forester. The description says a 4x4 is required.

Has anyone done it in a Forester?


G’day Sam,
I have done the Steamers from Emu Creek in a Forester. It’s a bit dodgy crossing the stream but I didn’t scrape my bumper. I just had a 07 non modified Forester.
Hope that helps.

Thanks for getting back to me Cameron.

That is good to hear you made it through in a Forester. I’m so desperate to do this walk, but just didn’t know if a Forester would be enough.

I’m a bit confused as where to start the walk from, there are no GPS plots to work from and the Aussie Bush Walking site just says to park on Old Mill Road (that is just off Emu Creek Road).

I have the AllTrails app installed and that has a couple of GPS plots but I have never used it so I don’t know if it is reliable. I’m guessing it is fine.

Anyway, thanks for your help, as soon as the weather cools down a bit and I have done a couple of longer walks to get some fitness I will head out and give it a go!

Cheers, Sam.

I’ve been there a couple of times in the Foz - once for the steamers, and another time to do Superbus. You have to drive past a few properties (which means opening and closing a few gates), then you cross a few streams, and you will arrive at the end of the road which is a small grass carpark. The walk up to the Steamers involves rock hopping up the dry river bank thennnn it gets a bit messy. Because you have to cut straight up the side of the ridge (which is totally trackless). Once you get to the top of the ridge you will intercept a decent track though, just that first part that is a bit … ugly. Still worth it though, the view of the Steamers makes it all worthwhile!

Thanks so much for the info. I cannot wait to tackle this walk. Ive seen the Steamers from that walk to Lizard Point but I really want to see the proper view. Cheers.