Visual ID of Scenic Rim Peaks

Hello all - first post! We have done about 10 walks in the Scenic Rim region and always struggle to identify the mountains around us when we reach the peaks. I’ve been googling madly but can’t find what I need. Is there a resource - map, app, website etc - that I can use so we can familiarise ourselves with the shapes and orientation of each mountain when we are out walking?

I use Peakfinder ( on my phone. I just looked at the website then and seems you can also look up views there. Before I had that I had to rely on maps and bearings.

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This looks amazing -exactly what I was envisaging, thank you :slight_smile: But given our appalling network coverage and the fact that most walks in the area are SOS only, will it still work?

You can cache areas so you don’t need an active connection (at least on the Android version I’m using). I’ve got the entire east coast cached. It’s only approximately 100MB.