Walk not showing on map?

I have created a walk but it does not show up on the walks map.
I couldnt find the national park under the NSW region.

I think you will find that Smokey Cape is now fully posted and visual on the ‘walks’ page. The reason is that the ‘walks’ page does not update immediately, but every two hours or so.

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Aaah Haaa!
I get it!

@thorpeydo Thanks for adding the walk. @F_A_B_Ferguson_Adven is correct. Updates to the map can take a couple of hours to be processed.

Adding under NSW is completely fine but if you want you can create a new “region” for the specific national park. If you go to the NSW page (https://www.aussiebushwalking.com/nsw) there’s an “Add a Region” button to do this. We can come back later and move the walk into a more specific region if we want so don’t let the lack of the national park stop you adding walks.

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