Walking during lockdown

I have noticed that a few walks are still being ticked, could someone clarify what we are legally allowed to do? One rule says we are allowed to exercise, but another says we are to stay in our suburb. Some national parks are open while others are closed, does that mean that we are still allowed to visit the open ones to exercise, or does that mean they can only be used by the locals. I am in the south Brisbane area and would like to hike Flinders Peak, Is that allowed?
Thanks, john.

The general consensus amongst the bushwalking groups I’ve been monitoring is that walking should be kept to your local area. Some of us are lucky enough to live close to bushland so our local areas allows us to still get out in the bush but driving further to get to walks isn’t allowed by the current restrictions. I would hope the ticks are coming from locals.

Some walks have been closed because they were still attracting large crowds despite the restrictions so even the locals can’t walk in those places. Best to find a nearby plot of bush and stick to it for the moment. Luckily, even our suburbs tend to have some great walks available, though usually without the more spectacular attractions we usually aim for like lookouts and waterfalls.


Thanks Richard, that is what I thought, I usually get to the Stairs of Death at Springwood a couple of times a week to keep the lungs and legs working but they have been closed, probably because you need to pass each other at close range, so I will just have to make do with my usual daily 60 minute walk around the suburb.

I saw the stairs of death were closed. If you’re close to them then you’d also be close enough to Daisy Hill Forest to do some walking in there. The tracks are open but the Koala centre is closed. If you stick to the main tracks they’re are wide enough to pass people leaving plenty of room. It’s very busy there at the moment because everybody is looking for somewhere nice to walk and you do have bikes riding around as well but I’ve never had a problem with them.

I live nearby and run through Venman Bushland National Park a few times a week. It’s much quieter there than Daisy Hill and the bikes aren’t allowed so I prefer it (though there’s always a few who will ignore the rules and ride through anyway). There are also plenty of hills to get the blood pumping. Not quite as intense as Springwood but lots more space to explore.

You can also try the escarpment at Cornubia Forest if you want a big climb. Start on Parkview Cres and climb up the main fire trail next to 186 Parkview Cres. That’ll definitely work your legs out! Bikes are allowed in there but it’s nowhere near as busy as Daisy Hill. I do go on the bike tracks here and just jump off to the side if I hear a bike coming. There have been more bikes during the lockdown but still not too many. Be warned that it has some steep climbs though and no stairs to help out.

I think all of those areas are fine to drive to if you live in the Springwood/Daisy Hill/Shailer Park/Cornubia area but others may disagree.

Thanks again Richard, I don’t know how I missed this comment. I plan on visiting Daisy Hill Forest this week, I have not done any real walks there and need a change of scenery. I haven’t heard of the escarpment at Cornubia so will definitely pay the place a visit, it sounds perfect.