Hello and I hope it is OK to write in the forum re looking for interested people to partake in a local walk.

I am a 50+ active married man looking for a walker/s who would like to do the three day walk from O’Reilly’s (Green Mountain) to Springbrook in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Here is the Qld Govt link re the walk:

My wife/family are not interested in doing this walk with me and for safety’s sake I won’t go on my own. I don’t want to spend a couple of thousand dollars going with a tour group (aimed at overseas tourists), when it can be done with prior planning for minimal expenditure.

I live on the southern Gold Coast and it would have to be over a weekend with all gear required to be supplied by the participant/s.

I have further information I can share with the interested party if anyone is interested. I would welcome any enquiries or information on other groups that may have contact with like minded people.

Regards, John

Hi John,
I have been interested in doing this walk for a while. I’m in the same situation as you - husband not interested, but for safety, I don’t want to go alone.
I’m 36 female, live in the Northern Rivers (although we lived in Currumbin for 15 years prior to moving her 2 years ago).
Do you have a date in mind?

Hello Sarah,
Thank you for the message.
I will see if any others respond in the next few weeks as well.
It would have to be over a long weekend as we need two nights/three days.
Obviously the season is important, so looking at Springtime now.
I work fulltime Monday to Friday, so could look at taking an annual leave day on a Friday.
What is your availability generally?
Cheers, John

Hi John,

I have recently completed this walk and it was fantastic.

If your interested, have a look at the video i created on it!